About Me

Susie B resides in Illinois and works as a Special Education Paraprofessional, whose students are Autistic.  Her love of her work shows in everything she does.

She got her start in writing when Harry Potter first came out and took a class in Children's Literature for her degree in Education.  She immediately fell in love with the stories and started to write fan-fiction, which is using the characters from well known authors and creating her own stories with them.  Now, with fan-fiction you can't publish the stories, because of copyright issues, but there are websites that will allow you to post the stories for others to read.  She was receiving well over 300 hits on her stories, which then led her to
create her own characters and stories.

Susie B also goes by the another name, Sue Mydliak and under that name she has published books for Young Adults.  Her first novel, and a series, is Birthright, Volume I, which can be bought on Amazon.
It made Best Seller the first week it was out and again, the following month at the the Book Mouse in Ottawa, Illinois. Volume II, The Legacy, which is currently being edited and hopefully out in stores by August.

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